Looking for a car body removalist in Perth should not be a hassle. Although it can be a tedious process to remove unwanted vehicles from your premises, you can always get help from the professional. It is indeed time consuming to consider the process of car removals but you can do it stress-free with the help of our Perth FREE car removal services

Our company has been around for more than 10 years. Since 2000, we have been able to successfully build our reputation as one of the most reliable car removal experts in Perth. Our professional services were seasoned by years of experience and research in the field of car removal services. Our employees are experts in their own field with long years of experience in handling old, worn out vehicles that make us an industry leader.

Our services are not only limited in providing car body removal Perth services. Bozzautounderstands how our clients need a hassle free service so we offer more than just a FREE car removal service but also do the necessary paper work needed for their vehicles. We can also remove the license plates for our clients. We basically do everything to deliver the most convenient services to our valued clients. All our customers need to do is give us a call and our honest and dedicated services are ready for them at any time.

Bozzauto does more than just car removal services. We also help our customers to have a good valuation on their unwanted cars. Thus, you can turn your old car into cash with us. We not only tow away your car for free, we are also pleased to give you trusted advice about how much money you can possibly get from getting rid of your old vehicle. Whatever condition your car is in, our company can provide you with the best price so you can get good cash from it now

Our Perth Free car removal service involves towing and removing any types of scrap vehicles like cars, utes, vans, trucks, 4×4 vehicles and even farm machinery. It’s not a problem with us wherever your vehicle may be located,

if it’s in a unit block, your backyard, the lane way of your house or even out on the farm. When your car gets old and hard to maintain it becomes a smoke-belching machine that harms the environment. This is where you need our services atBozzauto by having your car removed.

What we do with your unwanted vehicles is recycle it and turn it into something useful. Every part of your car can be recycled into a raw material for use in other equipment or building a new vehicle. Recycled cars are donated by Bozzauto to different institutions like schools, fire fighters training and Perth Films


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