Some people may be undecided on what to do with their old vehicles, whether they will spend money on repairs, have it sold to private individuals or call any company that does pickup cars for cash in Perth. At Bozzauto, we can help you make the wisest decision in converting your old car to cash. We offer a car removal service and help you remove your junk cars to convert into extra cash. We have been in this business since 2000 and we are a seasoned car removal service company in Perth that can guarantee results from our professional services.

Selling your old vehicle to private individuals can be very time-consuming and it requires a lot of effort on your part. You may even need to do some major repairs before you can even sell your vehicle. One thing you would like about the services of Bozzauto is that we are not like other Perth car removal companies that will just remove your vehicle for you without offering any good advice on other alternatives you have aside from getting your old car removed.

If you have decided to have your vehicle removed, Bozzauto will do it for you for free. You will also get advice from us if your vehicle can make you some good cash before we tow it away. It doesn’t matter whether your car is running or not and licensed or not, the professional services of the company is all you need for the car removal job. We will do all the necessary paper work required, taking away all the hassles in removing your old vehicle.

Our scrap car removal service is linked with other institutions where we donate the recycled parts from the scraps of the cars that we tow away. The training schools for fire fighters benefit from our donation of recycled vehicles as well as schools for projects such as Charity Fundraisers and the Perth Film Industry. We make sure that those vehicles we donate are in the appropriate condition needed by having it go through the hands of our very own highly-skilled auto mechanics.

For junk car removals and scrap car removal services all you need is Bozzauto, we have become the popular choice. Give us a call for a superior, worry-free car removal service. Be sure to also check the awesome videos of BOZZAUTO and the Bozzinator that we made to show you the funny side of the great services that are available for our valued customers. If you have any queries, you may also use the Contact Form and we will promptly address them.


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